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    We're just about recovered after Wigan Comic Con.  We had a blast!  Amazing guests, fabulous displays,

    great traders and as always, brilliant cosplay! We are running a competition to vote for your favourite cosplayers.

    Give them a click to like and the 2 with the most by Sunday 21.06.15 will each win a £20 My Odd Girl voucher! 

  2. We finally transferred over the website!  It took soooooo long, but we think it was worth it :)

    We will be adding stock to the site after Wigan Comic Con on Saturday 13th.  Until then, we want to hear your views!

    • What do you like to see on a website?
    • What do we need to add?
    • Are you comfortable with the layout?
    • Is it easy to navigate?

    Get in touch via facebook and let us know....